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Visiting Students
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Admission Requirements for Visiting Students:
  • Applicants MUST  have a minimum  CGPA of  2.5.
  • Final year undergraduate students are  NOT PERMITTED to spend their final semester at the University of  Ghana.

How to Apply:

i.  Click the Application form link and print out 1 copy.
ii. Complete the form clearly in block capitals (email addresses should be in the appropriate case).
iii. Attach one passport size photograph on the application form.
iv. The passport size photograph should be endorsed by the Director of International Studies at your university or a similar person of authority.
v. The following must be enclosed:
  • Application fee of US$ 110. This should be in the form of a cheque or money order from a recognized bank in your country payable to UNIVERSITY OF GHANA.
  • Current transcripts or certificates from your university or institution.

Current Application Deadline:
First Semester- April 30
Second Semester- November 1

New Application Deadline
: First Semester - March 15*
                                      Second Semester - August 31*
These deadlines will take effect from the 2015/2016 academic year. That is, for students coming in August 2015 must submit applications to International Programmes Office by March 15, 2015 and those coming in January 2016, must submit applications to International Programmes Office by August 31, 2015.

Course Registration Information

All Visiting Students should take NOTE of the following:

  • You are expected to satisfy the requirements of your institutions, however do not exceed the University of Ghana’s maximum of 21 credit hours per semester.
  • Students should contact their home institution to obtain prior approval for courses to be taken in the University of Ghana.
  • With the exception of practical and ancillary courses, all courses must be selected at one particular level (e.g. all Level 300 or all Level 400). This is to forestall any clashes in the examination time-table.
  • You may take a course(s) from the School of Performing Arts and Institute of African Studies.
  • You would not be able to pick courses from the graduate school.
  • Students who wish to exceed the maximum number of credit hours are required to seek prior approval from either the Dean of Arts, Social Studies or Science.
  • Students may add or drop courses until the deadline indicated in the academic calendar.
  • Students under institutional programmes (ISEP, NCSU, UCEAP etc.) may return their course registration forms to their programme coordinators. Individual students (not under institutional programmes) should return their forms to the International Programmes Office.
  • There is only one final examination to grade students. However, some lecturers may give assignments or projects to students which would be added to their scores from the final examination.
  • Transcripts are issued to students within four weeks after examinations.
  • Students who have not fully satisfied financial requirements would not be issued a transcript.

Coding and Numbering Of Courses

All degree programmes have alphanumerical codes beginning; the first 4 letters stand for a department or subject, followed by a 3 digit number in one of the following ranges.


Level 100 (First year) courses: 




Level 200 (Second year) courses:




Level 300 (Third year) courses:




Level 400 (Fourth year) courses:




The third digit in the number code is:

  • Zero (0) for a course that is offered over both semesters (Aug to May/June)*
  • Odd (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9) for a course offered in the first semester (Aug-Dec)*
  • Even (2, 4, 6 or 8) for a course offered in the second semester (Jan-May/June)*

*Refer to current University Calendar*


One (1) course credit is defined as:
  • One hour lecture per week for a semester
  • One hour tutorial per week for a semester
  • One practical session of two or three hours per week for a semester
  • Six hours of field work per week for a semester

Course Selection

Though all courses advertised in  the University of Ghana Handbooks are on offer, students are advised to CONSULT the International Programmes Office before selecting their courses.

***Kindly refer to the University Handbooks for Bachelors Degree (Humanities/ Sciences/ Health Sciences) for more information on regulations for the Bachelors Degree as well as courses offered.

Short Terms Students Application Form
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Click to download the Short term students Application form


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