Welcome by Head of Department

Welcome to the School of Education and Leadership (SEL). Our Departments offer the following undergraduate and graduate programmes:

·         BSc Education – Biology

·         BSc Education – Chemistry

·         BA Education – English

·         BSc Education – Mathematics

·         BSc Education – Physics           

·         MA/MPhil – Educational Leadership and Management

·         BA Education – Non Teaching (pending accreditation)

·         B.A. Sport and Physical Culture Studies (pending accreditation)

·         MA/MPhil – Education (pending accreditation)

·         MA/MPhil Sport Management (pending accreditation). 


The School’s common mission is to research systems in education, leadership and sport, adopting a range of theoretical, methodological and disciplinary approaches to enhance practice in in different contexts. The School seeks to provide high quality programmes to support the delivery of secondary school curricula in selected disciplines.  

Some of you are about to embark upon the first steps of a teaching career in the secondary education sector. Others will be undertaking various graduate programmes as part of your professional development and/or in order to gain a higher qualification in your chosen discipline. Whichever programme and mode of study you choose, the enterprise is demanding because schedules are tight and we expect you to work extremely hard.

The University of Ghana is a very vibrant place and there are lots of opportunities afforded to students while studying here. The many open lectures, seminars and other events which will be held throughout the duration of your programme, alongside the excellent resources of our Information Services Centre, will supplement your formal programme of study.                  

A warm welcome from myself and colleagues at SEL.


Best Wishes