EASC 457:Rock Mechanics


Index properties of rocks; engineering characteristics of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. Shear strength of planar discontinuities; Shearing on an inclined plane; Surface roughness; Shear testing on discontinuities in rock; Estimating joint compressive strength and friction angle; Shear strength of filled discontinuities and closely jointed rock masses; Testing closely jointed rock masses; Residual Strength; Schmidt Hammer Test. Rock Mass Classification and their importance in engineering works; Rock Quality Designation (RQD); Influence of clay seams and fault gouge; CSIR classification of jointed rock masses; NGI Tunneling Quality Index. Types of earth-moving Equipment; Borrow materials; Cuts in rocks and soils; cuts; Shallow Foundations; Foundations of alternate hard and soft strata; Free-draining materials; Roads and Highways; Earth dams; Canal works. Laboratory work.