Resit Registration for Distance Education Students

The procedure for re-sit registration is as follows:

1. Download the appropriate Re-sit Registration form, print it out and complete it

Click any of the links below to download the appropriate resit form

2. Pay and register at your Learning Centre

Click below to download the fees list for resit registration

Please note:

  • Deadline for Re-sit registration is October 30th, 2015. 
  • Students who should have completed are required to obtain a Provisional ID for the Examinations at the College Academic Office, Distance Education, one week before the start of examinations.
  • The fee for a repeat examination is a separate charge from the regular University registration fee, and must be paid by every student who is to write a repeat examination paper. Therefore, all continuing students who picked re-sit courses during the online registration will be billed with the appropriate re-sit fees.