Report on the Residential Training Workshop for Development of First/Second Semester Courses (Nursing)




Dr. Samuel Amponsah                      Acting HoD / Facilitator

Dr. Simon-Peter Kafui Aheto             Facilitator

Dr. Gideon Mensah Anapey               Facilitator

Mr. Yusif Amadu                             Facilitator

Mr. Frank Adams                             SCDE Accounts

Ms. Felicia Achemaa Nyarko             Staff Support

Dr. Mary Ani- Amponsah                  Participant/DE Coordinator

Dr. Adzo Kwashie                   Participant

Dr. Samuel Adjorlolo                        Participant

Mr. Charles Ampong Adjei                Participant

Mrs. Gloria Achempim- Ansong        Participant

Dr. Gwendolyn Mensah                    Participant

Mrs. Josephine Kyei                         Participant

Mrs. Merri Iddrisu                            Participant

Dr. Mrs. Cecilia Eliason                    Participant

Dr. Gladys Dzansi                            Participant

Mr. David Tenkorang- Twum            Participant

Ms. Joyce Pwavra                             Participant

Dr. Adelaide Maria Ansah Offei         Participant

Dr. Lilian Akorfa Ohene                    Participant

Mr. David Atsu Deegbe                     Participant

Dr. Gideon Pupulampu                      Participant

Mr. Kennedy D. Konlan                    Participant


Day 1- Thursday 8th October 2020

The team arrived at the Hephzibah Christian Centre at 12:00pm. After checking- in the team met at the conference hall where a welcome address was given by the Acting Head of the Distance Education Department, Dr. Samuel Amponsah. There was a brief introduction by everyone present after which Dr. Simon- Peter Aheto explained the programme outline for the workshop. 

There was a short snack break after which Dr. Samuel Amponsah did a presentation on Bloom’s Taxonomy. At the end of the presentation, participants were made to understand how to use Bloom’s Taxonomy to set learning outcomes and objectives and also to set MCQs to cover the different levels of the taxonomy.

A five minutes break was given after the presentation, after which Mr. Yussif Amadu did a presentation on how to utilize the Sakai LMS effectively for teaching and assessment purposes.  In his presentation, he indicated that there are free online courses that can be leveraged to develop courses, he also touched on how to create announcement on the Sakai platform, how to add attachments to the announcements, how to set assignments on the Sakai platforms among others. The session on the first day ended at 6:00pm. 

Day 2 Friday 9th October 2020

The day’s session started at 10:00am with a presentation by Dr. Simon-Peter Aheto on Copyright issues and Quality Assurance. He stated several things to be mindful of when developing a study guide in order not to have issues, most especially with case studies. He again walked the team through a sample study guide which participants could follow to develop their course outlines. The soft copy was also shared on the platform. This was followed with a brief presentation on the format for setting MCQs by Dr. Samuel Amponsah.

A five minutes break was given after the presentation, afterwards, Dr. Gideon Mensah Anapey did a comprehensive presentation on the Study Guide (strategy integration). In his presentation, he stated that in order for lecturers to achieve the University’s goal, as well as the goal of the course, participants must integrate technology experience, indigenous knowledge, content knowledge, curriculum knowledge, teaching philosophy and Andragogical knowledge. A bit of all this must be put into consideration when developing a course outline for students. He also indicated that every course must be developed in such a way that students will always remember the course. In order for that to happen participants must market their courses.

 There was a lunch break at 1:00pm after which participants where tasked to develop their own course outline for the level 300 students.

Day 3 Saturday 10th October 2020

At 10:00am the team continued individually in the development of their course outline with Dr. Gideon Anapey helping with reviews when needed. After lunch, there was a presentation by Dr Gideon Anapey on crosscutting topics for curriculum design. These include Africanism, diversity gender, global health, creativity research, ethics, professionalism, indigeneity, access, entrepreneurship, innovations including ICTs among others. This was an interactive session getting all participants to share their opinions 

The session ended with a discussion on the issue of preference of regular students to distance students where most of the lecturers preferred the regular students to the distance educations students due to a number of reasons which included the systems laid out at the School of Distance and Continuing Education, the fact that students at the Distance Education are regarded not to be serious, again due to lack of financial investment into the Department by the University. 

The session ended at 6:00 pm 

Day 4 &Final day Sunday 11th October 2020

Day 4 was the final and departure day for the conference. The team converged at the conference room of the hotel where a final review of the whole workshop was done. The Acting Head of Distance Education, Dr. Samuel Amponsah addressed the team and participants thanked them for their participation, contribution and worked done.  He announced that the final outline for each course was to be submitted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 to Dr. Gideon Anapey. 

Departure was at 12:00 pm.

Below are images from the workshop