Networks and Distributed Systems

Networking and distributed systems provide the infrastructure for computation, communication and storage involving a heterogeneous and potentially large amount data. The research group of DCS address issues concerning protocol design, computation models, performance measurements and evaluations, scalability, functionality, and manageability of networks and distributed systems.


Wireless Communication Networks

Wireless communications is going to be the key in future communications. This technology is envisaged to affect every part of our lives, ranging from inter-personal communication and household devices through agriculture and environment to medical diagnosis. The group aim at developing protocols, computational models, system architecture and the underlying theoretical principles that underpins the various wireless communication technologies such as WIFI, WiMAX, LTE, Ad hoc and Sensor Networks.

Team Members:

Dr. Ferdinand Katsriku | Dr. Jamal-Deen Abdulai | Mr. Ben Wiredu | Mr. Prince Boakye-Sekyerehene | Mr. Paul Ammah


Photonic Devices

Photonic Devices will constitute key components in the infrastructure of future communication networks. This group is involved in the study and modeling of semiconductor photoni and optoelectronic device physics and fabrication technologies. We are actively studying future photonic devices and material such as graphene and tellurite

Team Members:

Dr. Ferdinand Katsriku | Mr. Julius Ludu | Mr. Ben Wiredu | Mr. Prince Boakye-Sekyerehene | Mr. Paul Ammah