University of Ghana Graduation Eligibility


It is the graduand's obligation to ensure that all his/her obligations to the University are fulfilled to be enabled to graduate. This has to be done before the start of registration for Congregation on April 19th, 2018. These are the requirements:  

Please refer to the University of Ghana Regulations for Junior Members for information on eligibility for graduation:
“30. Requirements for Bachelor’s Graduation
30.1 A student shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirements for graduation if:
i. he/she has fulfilled all General University and Faculty/School requirements;
ii. he/she has accumulated the minimum number of credits required by the Faculty/School, including core and prescribed electives …”
32. Confirmation  of Award of Degree
A list of candidates who are deemed eligible as in Sections 30, 31 and 32 shall be laid before the Academic Board for approval. No award shall be confirmed unless the Academic Board is satisfied that the candidate has met all the conditions for the award of a degree.
33. Presentation of Award
Following confirmation of an award of a degree as in Section 32, the candidate shall be entitled to be awarded the appropriate Bachelor's degree under the seal of the University at a Congregation of the University assembled for that purpose. The degree shall indicate the principal subject or subjects offered and the class awarded.”
​Check on the MIS Web to ascertain your eligibility in this regard in ample time, before start of registration. The College Academic Office may assist in checking your academic status and eligibility for graduation, particularly on issues with course grades and other records.   The Academic Office of the College of Education is located within the premises of the School of Continuing and Distance Education, on the Osu Road, just off the J.B. Danquah Avenue.
The College Academic Office may be contacted through the following: or telephone 0362194377, 0503899803 or 0264410136.

Students with outstanding bills should contact the Students' Accounts Office (Jones Quartey Building, Ground Floor) promptly to settle them. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that obligations to the University are met. 

Students may contact the office of the Director of Academic Affairs for resolution of any outstanding issues

Return of all library books and other University properties in graduand's custody is required before they may be cleared for graduation.

 Graduation lists will be posted online from April 19, 2018.