November 2017 Congregation - What to do after graduation


Congregation Grounds:

University is happy to have your loved ones around to share in our joy on your graduation. However, other Congregation Ceremonies follow immediately and the Great Hall will need to be prepared for your colleagues attending the next session.

Therefore, we ask that at the end of the ceremony, you leave the vicinity of the Hall promptly to facilitate cleaning and set up of the Hall for the next ceremony. For that same reason, loitering, littering and picnicking cannot be allowed around the Great Hall.

Return of Gowns and Collection of Certificates

All Gowns should be returned between Monday, November 20, 2017 and Friday, November 24, 2017. Non-return of gowns by this deadline will attract a weekly penalty until return. Failure to return gowns/hoods will result in graduates NOT being able to obtain transcripts, verifications or certificates.

To ensure security of certificates and return of academic gowns, graduands who sign up for Congregation will UPON RETURN OF GOWNS, present their student identification card, sign and collect certificates in person. The respective Colleges/Schools have designated points for collection/return of gowns and collection of certificates. 


As a graduate of the University of Ghana, you are part of our alumni family and we would love to keep in touch with you. Kindly visit the Alumni page here to register as alumni.



After the Congregation Ceremony, please ensure that you have:

1.      Returned your gown and had your record cleared before November 24th, 2017. Avoid the weekly penalty for late submission.

2.      Picked up your Certificate after gown submission. Please take note that the Academic Certificate is irreplaceable. Make sure you make copies and keep the original in a safe place.

3.      Registered as Alumni. There are many benefits in signing on as an Alumnus. Visit the Alumni Office website to find out.