UG Congregation - Preparation for Ceremony


Registration for Congregation Ceremonies

Ceremonies will be undertaken on the University campus physically for all graduands. The Ceremonies will include messages from key UG Officials, remarks from selected Valedictorians, the profiles of registered Graduands, and most importantly, the official conferment of degrees. Videos for each ceremony presenting registered Graduands will be streamed on the University Website live as scheduled, and will subsequently be available on the UG YouTube page for replay.

Students eligible for graduation at the University of Ghana are encouraged to register for the Congregation Ceremony. Click here to find out what it means to be eligible for graduation and click here to check if you are on the graduation list for this Congregation.  The closing date for registration is Wednesday, 27th July, 2022.

Step1: Online Registration:

Access list of graduating (eligible) students here: ).  Find Graduand name and click to authenticate log in using student ID Number and PIN (Same as used on the MIS web). Once logged in, Graduands will be able to directly register for Congregation. Kindly contact the appropriate College Academic Office  promptly if you qualify for graduation but cannot find your name.

Please check the spelling of your name carefully, as this will be used on the call list for the ceremony. Notify the Academic Officer of your College of any errors promptly.  Errors in student’s records on the MIS Web should be reported as they will reflect on certificate.   

Enter a correct and reliable phone number and email. Graduands will then have a choice to make - to participate or not in the Virtual Congregation Ceremony.

Congregation Registration Portal Template

UG Congregation Ceremony Photo requirements:

Photo must:

  • Be in image file format, maximum size 2MB 
  • Be in studio quality, not blurred
  • Have the graduand in formal attire, decently portrayed.
  • Have a plain background (No other person or activity in view)
  • Have both eyes visible in the image
  • Have been recently taken.

In keeping with the formal nature of our congregation ceremony, we would like to remind you that the dress code is formal or traditional. Images that do not conform to specifications will be rejected.

Be sure to click “Update Info” once you have completed the registration form.  If not, the profile will not be registered. Only registered Graduands will be presented. Print out the proof of the registration for your records. Ensure that you pay the congregation fee to avoid any difficulties.

Step 2: Payment for Registration:

To complete registration, Graduands need to pay a non-refundable fee of GH¢300.00 by the deadline. Graduands should ensure that they have first registered online for the appropriate session before making any payment. Please take note that Graduands who do not register for the Congregation Ceremony will pay the same fee for issuance of their certificates. See the Payment Option page for more information. Please note that, payments may only be done within the period given, after which access will be closed. Late payment is not permitted,

Following the deadline for registration, paid-up graduands will be assigned to the specific sessions where their profile will be featured online and notified in that regard.  This is why Graduands need to ensure that the phone number they provide is accurate and reliable. If the notification is not received, please contact the Academic Officer of your College promptly.

Please note again that registration will be closed after the deadline and payment cannot be accepted.

Step 3: Collection of Certificates:

Graduates will be given their certificates upon return of their gowns. To be allowed to collect your certificate however, you will need to show your UG Student ID card. Although not normally required, ensure that you have your bank payment voucher or other evidence of payment to help with verification if necessary.