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Chinese fascinated me

When I first came to the University of Ghana, I was assigned to the Chinese section, I was so afraid that I cried because I thought Chinese was too hard.

But after learning for some time, not only did I feel that Chinese is not difficult, but I was also deeply fascinated by the Chinese language

I was especially in love with writing characters, a pen is so magical, I am so obsessed, I write a lot of characters every day, and even forget to do other homework.

I am like a love of the beginning of the young child, deeply in love with Chinese and Chinese culture. Calligraphy, drama, tea, Chinese martial arts, these are things that fascinated me.

Because I often speak Chinese in the dormitory, and now my roommates are aware of what I mean by the words of the Chinese.

Because I often speak Chinese at home, and now everyone in my family can say 'hello' 'goodbye' 'I'm hungry.

I have a lot of dreams, but all related to Chinese and Chinese culture. I would like to be the ambassador of Ghana to China, for the development of Ghana China relationship plus two friendships

I would also like to do translation because there are many Chinese companies in Ghana, but there are not many Ghanaians who know Chinese

I would also like to be a Chinese teacher and teach those who like Chinese and Chinese culture like me

Can my dream come true?

Lesson 6流行词(第六课)


Rén zào měi nǚ


Man-made beauty; plastic beauty

Nà mǐ jì shù


Nano technology; nano science

Zhèng fǔ cǎi gòu


Government procurement; government purchase

Xìn xī hù dòng


Information interaction

Shěn měi pí láo


To be tired of doing something


Lesson 5流行词(第五课)


Yìng shì jiào yù

应 试 教 育

Exam-oriented education

Sù zhì jiào yù

素 质 教 育

Education for all-rounded development

Xué shēng jiăn fù

学 生 减 负

To reduce students' work load

Wăng luò kōng jiān

网 络 空 间


Kuò dà nèi xū

扩 大 内 需

To expand domestic demand



My Chinese name is Qiao Lin my English name is CHARLES DELALI ADEGAH. I am a student of the University of Ghana studying Chinese and sociology. I remember when I began learning Chinese I was not interested in learning Chinese language and Chinese culture. At that time, I like to run away from Chinese class, i did not like to do my Chinese homework and I do not pay attention in class. I remember one day in the classroom, when our Chinese teacher taught us how to introduce ourselves in Chinese, and then he asked each student to introduce him or herself in front of the class. Apart from me, all the other students were able to introduce themselves in Chinese, and I just stood in front of the classroom looking at the teacher's face, i was not able to say even a word in Chinese. The teacher was very angry when he saw me standing there speechless, and began to teach me. He said I had let him down. I was sad and embarrassed to hear what the teacher said. When i returned to the dormitory, i was still very sad. Then I said to myself, I can't go on like this anymore. Later, I went to look for a level 300 Chinese student, and asked her how I can learn Chinese well. She then introduced me to some of the events and activities held by the Confucius institute, which she think could help me improve my Chinese if I took part in. I followed her advice and took an active part in all kinds of language and cultural activities organized by the Confucius institute. At the first activity i attended, I learned how to eat with the chopsticks. From that day on, I gradually fell in love with Chinese language and Chinese culture, all of which changed my attitude towards the learning of Chinese. With the help of our Chinese teacher, my Chinese has improved a lot. I also learned how to dance Tai Chi and sing a lot of Chinese songs. In the past four years, I have participated in many competitions held by the Confucius Institute, and won many awards. In 2014, I went to Zhejiang University of Technology to study in china for a year. I was attracted by the broad spirit of Chinese culture. Learning Chinese has given me a lot of job opportunities. For instance, when i returned from doing my year abroad program, although I had not graduated yet from the University several Chinese company in Ghana had already approached me, they wanted me to come work for them if not as a translator then as the human resource manager for their local staff. As at that time I didn't want to work and school at the same time, all I desired was to study hard. But, looking at way those Chinese companies have been calling, and then I also felt that this is a rare opportunity to make money and also practice my Chinese, how can I not seize this opportunity? Although I am still young I have a lot of working experience, I have worked in a construction company before, in the hotel as a receptionist and translator before. Now I have graduated from the university. I am working as a teaching assistant at the Chinese department of the university of Ghana and at the same time working at a gambling company as a translator. This brief period that i have been working with Chinese people and I've learned a lot. I've learned how to cherish my time, how to do things on time. I've also learned the benefits of being an honest man. In 2016, I participated in the fifteenth Chinese Bridge preliminary Competition held in Ghana, i won the first prize, and then I had the chance to travel to china and watch the finals of the Chinese bridge competition. During the summer camp activities, we stayed in Beijing, Shandong Qufu, Hunan Changsha, Hunan Yueyang and other places. We participated in a lot of activities where we experienced Chinese culture. I really had a lot of fun during these activities. Thank you Chinese bridge, for giving me the opportunity to meet about 135 people from approximately 106 countries all over the world being able communicate with them in Chinese. Now I can go to their country at any time to have fun with them, they can also come and visit and have fun with me in Ghana. Now i understand that learning Chinese is a lot more fun. I hope everyone can enjoy the happiness that comes with learning Chinese.

Chinese and I

Cleide Selase Dodoo

I’m Cleide Selase Dodoo. My journey into Chinese language started in 2012. I suddenly fell in love with this strange but wonderful language. A language that was ready to provide an atmosphere of greater learning opportunities. I must say that it wasn’t an easy journey but my passion and interest propelled me to be one of the best at studying Chinese at the University of Ghana. In 2014, I participated in the 13th Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition held for the first time in Ghana. I proudly came out as first prize winner with a digital camera and a whooping fully paid trip to China to witness the finals of the competition. That was just the beginning of many good opportunities ahead. That same year I passed HSK3 and was award with both Ghana government scholarship and the Confucius institute scholarship for the one year abroad program. I chose the Confucius Institute scholarship and never regretted choosing it. Then again in 2015, I was selected to represent Ghana at the Sino-African Friendship Knowledge Competition in Beijing, China where I was awarded First Prize Winner in the Individual Awards. The Chinese embassy in Ghana awarded me with a laptop and on three consecutive occasions with cash prize for being one of the excellent students in the Chinese department. In June 2016, I with five other teammates from different parts of Africa was selected to represent Africa at the Chinese Bridge 2016 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners across the Globe. We were crowned with Bronze Award in Team Competition. All these have one way or the other boosted and enlighten my Chinese journey. I currently work in a prominent Chinese company. I hope and believe that one day I’ll be able to give back my sheer quota to my country and foster the good relationship between Ghana and China. I wish to encourage all students studying Chinese language to rise above the notion “Chinese is difficult” and embrace it with passion and determination. Also, they should not give up, but rather put in efforts and time in studying Chinese with enthusiasm and it will definitely pay off greatly. It has for me and it can for you too.


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