CHEM 233: Organic Chemistry I

Review of stereochemistry; Stereochemistry of compounds with more than one chiral centre; Racemic mixtures, and their resolution; Stereoisomerism in cyclic compounds.
Alkenes - ozonolysis; Preparation and reactions of Alcohols; Preparation and reactions of...

CHEM 213: Physical Chemistry I

Atomic structure: A qualitative treatment of the Quantum Mechanical Model of the atom; quantum numbers; shape of orbitals. Electronic configuration of atoms; chemical periodicity;Models of chemical bonding: Review of ionic and covalent (including dative)...

CHEM 204: Practical II

Purification processes; Tests for Functional groups; Simple syntheses

CHEM 203: Practical I

Titrimetric analysis involving redox systems, kinetics, acid-base buffer and solubility systems.

CHEM 114: Practical II

Functional group identification; simple preparations of organic compounds with exercises in purification and recrystallization.

CHEM 113: Practical I

A selection of titration experiments illustrating the lecture course CHEM 111

CHEM 112: General Chemistry II

Short introduction to organic chemistry; what is meant by the structure of an organic molecule; Functional groups;Test for purity of organic molecules; Brief description of purification processes; Qualitative analysis; Quantitative analysis; Empirical formula...

CHEM 111: General Chemistry I

Uncertainty in measurements, significant figures; Normal distributions, standard deviations; Precision, Accuracy; Propagation of errors in calculations;Bronsted-Lowry concept of acids and bases (≥ 10¯6 M); strong and weak acids/bases; levelling effect...