CHEM 403: Symmetry, Group Theory, and Applications

Introduction to the principles of symmetry and group theory, and their application to the description of molecular structure, symmetry, and spectroscopy.

CHEM 402: Quantum Chemistry

The mathematical and physical principles of quantum chemistry, including operators, and operator algebra, eigenvalue problems; Postulates of quantum mechanics; the Schrodinger equation - Hydrogen atom, Simple Harmonic Oscillator and diatomic molecules; the...

CHEM 401: Thermodynamics II

Applications of thermodynamics – chemical potential and equilibria; Solutions and colligative properties; Electrolytes and the Debye-Huckel theory; electrochemical cells e.g. storage, photovoltaic cells; Electrolysis

CHEM 400: Project

CHEM 374: Analytical Chemistry II

Classical analytical chemistry, (including complexometric and non-aqueous solvent titrations); Gravimetric methods, Separation methods. Principles of chromatography, Spectrophotometry. Sampling. Evaluation of analytical data. Quality assurance of analytical...

CHEM 372: Analytical Practical

Application of various analytical methods to specific problems.

CHEM 355: Inorganic Chemistry (p-block Elements)

Systematic study of the p-block elements and the chemistry of the Non-Metals, including the Noble gases.

CHEM 352: Coordination Chemistry

Nomenclature, stereochemistry, isomerism in complexes; stability of complexes, statistical and chelate effects. Theories of bonding in coordination compounds: VBT, MOT, CFT/LFT, Crystal field Stablilization energies, distortions from regular geometry/symmetry...

CHEM 351: Inorganic Practical

Synthesis of inorganic complexes; analysis of inorganic complexes and materials; Flame-photometry; Use of ion-exchange resins.

CHEM 346: Molecular Rearrangement Reactions

Kinetic and stereochemical considerations of the effect of neighbouring groups in reactions. Rearrangement reactions involving the migration of groups to electron deficient sites (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen) and electron rich sites (carbon).