FAEN 112 - (C Programming )

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History of the C language. Structure of the C Program. Variables Declarations: Global variables, type and range of variables, declaration of variables, scope of variables, reading and printing of variables. Constants Declarations.  The C Operators: Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, and order of operation precedence.  Conditional Instructions. Looping and Iterations.  Arrays and Strings: Single and multi-dimensional. Functions: VOID function, Functions and Arrays, Function prototyping. Data Types: Unions, type casting, enumerated types, static variables. Pointers: pointers and variable, pointers and functions, pointers and arrays, arrays of pointers, multi-dimensional arrays and pointers, static initialization of pointer arrays, pointers and structures, common pointer pitfalls. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Dynamic Structures: MALLOC and SIZEOF and FREE, CALLOC and REALLOC, Linked Lists, random number generation, sample full C program.