FAEN 108 - (Basic Electronics )

Main block


History and overview of electronics from vacuum tubes to large scale integration, including reasons for studying electronics, selected important areas of application, role of electronics in computer engineering. Semi-conductivity: materials and properties, electrons and holes, concept of doping, acceptors and donors, p and n-type materials, conductivity and resistivity. Diodes and Circuits: symbol and representation, diode operation and characteristics, region of operation and limitations, zener and schottky diodes, diode circuit and load line, diode application in rectifier and dc/dc converter, diode logic functions - AND and OR . Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT): physical structure of BJT, symbol and circuit representation, NPN and PNP transistor operation, voltage-current characteristics of transistors, transistor region of operation and limitation, transistor circuit analysis, biasing for logic application, transistor operation as logic functions – OR and  AND logics.