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From various departments and horizons


Kwabena Kan Dapaah PhD Beneficiary

I am pursing a PhD in Biological Sciences and Engineering at the Abuja University of Science and Technology and Princeton University. My research topic “A smart Biomedical Device for Cancer Drug Delivery and Hyperthermia,” explores the possibilities of using targeted drug delivery and hyperthermia for the treatment of cancer. The aim is to reduce the side effects associated with conventional cancer treatment methods, like chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, by delivering the drug at the specific site of the cancer cells. The research draws on the delivery kinetics and hyperthermia studies of temperature sensitive polymer to develop a multi-layered medical device that can be inserted at a cancer site. The objective of the research will be accomplished in threefold: Development of device and testing including cell-surface interaction studies, Investigation of the effect of heat & drug release on cancer cell viability and Investigation of the effect of heat & drug release on tumor shrinkage. My passions are computers and football.




Naa Dodua Dodoo PhD Beneficiary
I’m pursing a PhD in Population Studies. My research focus is on “The Role of Women in Decision-making in Ghanaian Homes.” I explore and develop a new method to examine the process of household decision-making using a survey, and the role of women in that process. This research will help to ascertain how Ga women in Accra, Ghana are involved in various arenas of household decision-making and the points and extents to which they can and do influence the outcomes. It will further provide us with a better understanding of the attributes of couples and individuals that sort them into particular ‘styles’ or patterns of decision-making and give a holistic view of the decision-making process to provide a sound basis for policy and practice. Because it is designed as a survey, the methods used in my research will serve as a blueprint for the study of the decision-making process using quantitative techniques, and this will aid in more comprehensive study of larger numbers of people and a wider range of decisions. Reading and spending quality time with family and friends are what I love to do in my free time. I aspire to be Social a Science Researcher par excellence.
Mark Mensah Obeng Larbi PhD Beneficiary
I'm pursing a PhD in Sociology. I’m exploring the African players and the nature of their participation in the ongoing China-Africa economic relationship in my thesis research “Transnational Entrepreneurship and Socio-Economic Livelihood: A study of Ghanaian Transnational Entrepreneurs in China –Ghana businesses.”  I hope to be Professor of Sociology in future. Soccer and politics are my passions.
Ebenezer Annan PhD Beneficiary
I’m a PhD candidate at the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja-Nigeria as part of a split site programme. I’m studying Materials Science and Engineering. My research is in the area of Nano-particles and Ceramic Water Purification, in which I seek to inculcate silver and copper nano-particles in ceramic water purification. It is an already established fact that colloidal silver impregnated ceramic water filters (CWF’s) are of higher efficiency in terms of anti-bacterial activity. I view this as an opportunity to green synthesize nano-particles and ascertain their efficacy in three areas, namely flow rate, microbial analysis and fluoride removal. Knowledge in this field will help communities to access safe drinking water through the usage of an improved ceramic water filter at the point of use. In my free time, I enjoy table tennis and football
Harriet Baffoe PhD Beneficiary
Harriet J. B. Baffoe is my name and I’m taking course work at University of Manitoba, Canada as part of a split site programme in pursuit of a PhD in Social Work which will be awarded by the University of Ghana. I have worked in the capacity as an Associate Researcher at the Constitution Review Commission of Ghana and as Teaching Assistant at University of Ghana. My research focus is on gender-based violence, which explores the dynamics of intimate partner violence against women in urban and rural communities in Ghana. I have also done research in the area of needs assessment of students with disabilities. I’m a recipient of three special awards; the 2011 Carnegie Corporation Funded PhD Scholarship for the Next Generation of Academics in Africa, the 2009 Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa Small Grants Programme for Thesis Writing and the 2008 Canadian Bureau of International Education. I’m a student member of the Manitoba Institute of Registered Social Workers and I co-founded the Centre for Inclusive Policy & Programme Development in Ghana. I’m a highly motivated, self-engaging learner with a strong commitment to the development of my scholarly abilities. My interests include research, writing, traveling, cooking and watching family movies. I aspire to be an astute professor of Social Work.
Abigail Adubea Larbi PhD Beneficiary
I’m Abigail Adubea Larbi, pursuing a PhD in Social Work at the University of Ghana Legon. As part of a split-programme, I am undertaking course work and part of my doctoral studies at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. My research work focuses on examining educational opportunities for children with autism and Down’s syndrome in Ghana. The study seeks to explore the prospects of providing inclusive education for children with autism and Down’s syndrome taking into account societal attitudes and perceptions toward them in Ghana. I hold an M.Phil degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Psychology, both from the University of Ghana, Legon. My interests include traveling, music, research, reading, and media work. I aspire to be a professional social worker, professor, senior researcher, and philanthropist.
Eyram Schwinger PhD Beneficiary
I am pursuing a PhD in Mathematics. My research focuses on Mathematical Methods for Ship Detection, which explores Using methods from shape detection, differential equations, wavelets and Fourier Transforms to detect ships from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images. The research treats a satellite generated image as a large matrix which allows to apply mathematical methods to detect objects in the data. This is to enhance maritime security, piracy control and oil spill detection. Python programming, open source technologies and large data visualization are my passions and I am currently an assistant lecturer at the Department of Mathematics, University of Ghana.