FAEN 702: Advanced Project Management & Quality Control

This course covers such topics as avoiding mistakes when executing and controlling a project, dealing with evolving stakeholder expectations, using trend analysis to measure project. Some other topics to deal with include project selection and initiation,...

FAEN 701: Advanced Research Methods

The course will provide students with more specialized knowledge and skills for designing quantitative research at the doctoral level, including understanding multivariate data analysis and applying more advanced statistical concepts. The topics covered...

FAEN 402: Principles of Management and Entrepreneurship

Introduction: Definition of management. Evolution and Perspectives of Management: classical, 
human relations and management science. Hierarchy of Management, Managerial roles and 
Management Styles. Inside and Outside an Organization: adapting to...

FAEN 401: Law for Engineers

Course discussions cover contracts (formation, performance, breach, and termination), 
corporations and partnerships, insurance, professional liability, risk management, environmental 
law, torts, property law, evidence and dispute resolution. The...

FAEN 302: Statistics for Engineers

 (Prerequisites: FAEN 201, FAEN 202, FAEN 301)
Probability functions axioms and rules, counting techniques, conditional probability, 
independence and mutually exclusive events. Discrete Random Variable: Expectation and 
variance, Binomial...

FAEN 301: Numerical Methods

(Prerequisites: FAEN 101, FAEN 110, FAEN 201)
Matrices and vector operations, linear homogeneous systems, Eigen-vectors and values. 
Numerical errors, absolute and relative errors, stability and convergence of numerical algorithms. 

FAEN 206: Technical Report Writing

Preparing an outline. Technical Style. Use of abbreviations. Numbering of Headings. 
Documentation footnotes and alphabetical list of reference. Table and figures, Bar charts, graphs, 
curves Organization charts and flow sheets. Drawing....

FAEN 205: Thermodynamics

Fundamental concepts of thermodynamics. First and second Laws of Thermodynamics and their 
applications. Properties of Substances: Properties of pure, simple and compressible substances. 
Introduction to Gas and Vapor Power Cycles. 

FAEN 204: Fluid Mechanics

Introduction: nature of fluids, analysis of fluid behaviour, viscosity, surface tension and capillary 
effects. Fluid Statics: hydrostatic forces on submerged plane and curved surfaces; buoyancy and 
stability; Elementary Fluid Dynamics: static,...

FAEN 203: Strength of Materials

Introduction: Basic concepts of material bonding, material structure and material defects. 
Properties of Materials: Mechanical properties, thermal properties, electronic and ionic 
conductivity of materials, dielectric and magnetic properties of...