About the Academic Quality Assurance Unit


The Academic Quality Assurance Unit (AQAU) of the University of Ghana was established in May 2005, by the then Vice Chancellor, Professor K. Asenso-Okyere. Prior to this, only the then College of Health Sciences of the University had a Quality Assurance Unit overseeing the standards of Academic work in that College.

The particular form that the UG AQAU should take was subjected to vigorous interrogation and in March 2007 the Unit was officially established and housed at the Staff Development and Learning Resource Centre. It started with a staff of two: A Director and a Principal Administrative Assistant. In August 2007, a Coordinator responsible for Admissions Quality Audit was appointed.

Currently, the AQAU is located on the mezzanine floor of the K. A. B. Jones-Quartey Building (JQB).The current staff includes a Director, Assistant Registrar, Administrative Assistants, Research Assistant and National Service Personnel.