University Of Ghana-Carnegie Writing Centre Workshopping Series No. 1: Thesis Introduction

Starting August 9, 2021 - Ending August 9, 2022




The University of Ghana-Carnegie Writing Centre (UG-CWC), in Collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI), University of Ghana, invites graduate students of the University who are in their thesis year to the first of its in-person Workshopping Series.


Date: 30th-31st August 2021

Venue: Language Centre Computer Laboratory


The UG-Carnegie Writing Centre/CTLI Workshopping Series will focus on face-to-face coaching on specific sections of a writing project: introduction, literature review, analysis and discussion of results, and conclusions. After the online workshops that provided guidelines for scholarly writing, these workshopping sessions will deliver hands-on training for participants to work through various stages of their draft manuscripts. This first part of the Workshopping Series will be devoted to thesis writing, beginning with the introductory parts.


Introductions are very important because they lay out what will be done in the thesis; get the introduction right and the rest of the thesis will follow. This two-day programme will therefore provide thorough, step-by-step, one-on-one practical sessions for writing a good thesis introduction. Participants must submit their draft introductions before the workshopping begins. They will then work with the resource persons during the sessions to review, revise, rewrite, or fine tune their drafts. The goal is to help each participant produce an introduction that draws readers in, provides relevant background, and establishes a clear focus and purpose to set the stage for the thesis.


Objectives of the Workshop

· to provide an opportunity for practical thesis writing under the guidance of experienced resource persons;

· to help participants write effective thesis introductions that present a clear purpose and focus;

· to work with participants through the main steps of the introduction and set the stage for their theses;

· to lead participants to evaluate and revise/rewrite draft introductions to achieve completeness and coherence;

· to guide participants to produce a clear writing style free of major errors.


Structure of the Module

This module is in two parts, as outlined below.

PART I: The Structure of Thesis Introductions

This part deals with areas such as:

· establishing a purpose and focus

· working through the steps and stages of an introduction


PART II: Thesis Introductions

· ensuring completeness and coherence

· dealing with language and style



Registration/Contact Information

To register,

1. Follow the link below (by double clicking to open hyperlink or copy the link and paste in a browser and provide the short information needed):


Registration deadline is Wednesday 25th AUGUST 2021.


You may call Ms. Barbara Acquah (0262603440) or Ms. Princess Brown (0240532907), Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI), University of Ghana, for further information.