Invitation to Centre For Ageing Studies Colloquium Series

Starting November 25, 2020 - Ending November 25, 2021 Expired

Members of the University community are hereby invited to a colloquium series to be delivered by Dr. Judith Osae-Larbi.

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Title: Forgiveness: Benefits and Alleged Harms

Time: 2:00pm GMT

Date: Friday, 27th November 2020



Studies have found that the act of forgiveness can reap huge benefits not only for personal health and wellbeing, but also, for public health and social relationships. However, it is alleged that at certain times, particularly in abusive relationships and other situations of continuous offenses, forgiveness can be harmful, emboldening perpetrators. This presentation will highlight the benefits of forgiveness, clarifying what it is and what it is not – other ways of coping with offenses that may include elements of, yet distinct from the act of complete forgiveness. Implications for forgiveness research in Ghana and for personalised and population-wide forgiveness education and training are highlighted, with focus on the REACH forgiveness model as an evidence-based self-help training model for engendering forgiveness.


Judith Osae-Larbi is a Health Psychologist and Research Fellow at the West African Genetic Medicine Centre (WAGMC), University of Ghana. Her areas of work focus on the role of psychological processes, including forgiveness, on patient experiences and health outcomes. She is also the Founding Executive Director of Psychological Relief for Women International (PReWI) – a non-profit organisation focused on bringing psychological relief to women in distress including connecting women in distress to other mental health resources.