International Workshop on Lab Animal Science

Starting September 29, 2017 - Ending September 29, 2018

Members of the University community are hereby invited to a two-week intensive practical training workshop in Laboratory Animal Science by the Department of Animal Science and Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research.


The main objectives of the course are to present basic facts and principles that are essential for the humane use and care of laboratory animals and for the quality of research.


Date: 23rd October 2017 - 3rd November 2017

Venue: Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana

Time: 9:00 am each day


The Workshop is being organised, in collaboration with the Department of Animals in Science and Society, Division of Animal Welfare and Laboratory Animal Science, University of Utrecht and supported with funding from the Laboratory Animals Ltd, UK. Among the facilitators are four International experts in the area of Lab Animal Science from the Netherlands

This course will be of particular interest to researchers and post-graduate students in the bio-medical sciences who are, or intend to conduct research using laboratory animals.

Registration is ongoing and space is limited. Kindly contact the following people at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Dr. Thomas N. Nortey; (055 820 7504)

Dr. Samuel Adjei; (024 367 1670)

Dr. Raphael Ayizanga: (024 364 8636)


All are cordially invited.