Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS) Interacts with University of Ghana Basic School Students, Friday, April 5, 2019

Starting April 4, 2019 - Ending April 4, 2020 Expired


The Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS)-University of Ghana aspires to build both human and institutional capacity through demand-driven education, training and research, to address Africa’s climate change and sustainability development issues.

 Evidence has shown that climate change has a direct impact on education in the form of diseases, leading to absenteeism and possible withdrawal of children. Children may be the most affected by climate decisions taken now and ought to be educated enough to allow them join the ongoing global dialogue. A 2011 UNEP study found that, 84% of young people surveyed agreed they needed more information to prevent climate change.

In this regard and as part of the C3SS Public Education Campaign (C3SS-PubEd), we would be interacting and sharing information on climate change and environmental sustainability lifestyle issues with students of the University of Ghana Basic Schools.

This interaction will aim at improving students’ knowledge, appreciation and understanding of their role in responding to climate change and sustainable development challenges facing Ghana and the world at large. The C3SS considers this activity to be one small step in the many needed towards youth empowerment in the fight against climate change at the national level and globally.

The event details are as follows:


Date: Friday 5th April, 2019

Time: 2:00pm

Venue: University of Ghana Basic Schools

Any other school, organizations, churches, social groups etc. interested in knowing more about climate change and sustainability-related issues through such engagements should feel free to contact us via c3ss@ug.edu.gh or +233-(0)302-905269.