Objectives and Vision

Vision of the Department

The Vision of the Department is to achieve academic excellence and train researchers, adult educators, human resource practitioners and professionals in line with the aspirations of Ghana’s human resource development goals.

Mission of the Department

The Mission of the Department is to offer excellent academic training that will equip students to become professional adult educators, university administrators, human resource professionals, community development experts, development researchers and distance education administrators as well as experts in allied adult education and human resource disciplines. To keep abreast with modern trends, the department will become a pace-setter in the introduction of online teaching and learning at the University of Ghana.

The Department is also committed to research and scholarship that focus on finding solutions to local problems through adult education and human resource development. Furthermore the department provides consultancy and professional extension services to enrich quality teaching and learning in Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations and other Development-Oriented Institutions in communities throughout Ghana.