About the Academic Affairs Directorate

The Academic Affairs Directorate (AAD) administers academic policies of the University of Ghana.

There are four main units under the Directorate, namely: Boards and Committees; Admissions; Students’ Records and Teaching and Examinations. There is also an office in charge of institutions affiliated to the University. There are currently 20 tertiary institutions affiliated to the University of Ghana.

Boards and Committees Unit 

The Boards and Committees Unit ensures the smooth running of the committee system in the University and services the Academic Board and Business & Executive Committee.  The Unit also coordinates the production of student handbooks and academic calendar/schedule of meetings as well as orientation programmes for undergraduate freshers.

For more information/enquires contact boardsandcommittees@ug.edu.gh.

Admissions Unit 

The Admissions Unit coordinates outreach programmes for undergraduate students; admission of sub-degree, undergraduate and post-first degree and visiting students. The Unit also oversees admissions into affiliate institutions and award of academic prizes.

For more information/enquires contact admissions@ug.edu.gh.

Students’ Records Unit 

The Students’ Records Unit coordinates registration, issuing of Identification Cards and academic records of students. The Unit is charge of processing and issuing of certificates, transcripts, attestations and introductory letters, verification and certification of students’ academic documents.

For more information/enquires contact studentsrecords@ug.edu.gh.

Teaching and Examinations Unit  

The Teaching and Examinations Unit prepares teaching and examination timetables, allocates space for teaching and examinations and conducts examinations. The Unit also coordinates matriculation and congregation.

For more information/enquires contact examinations@ug.edu.gh .

Affiliation Unit 

The Affiliation Unit serves as the link between the University and its affiliate institutions. The Office processes applications for affiliation, supervises and ensures compliance with affiliation requirements/policies.

For more information/enquires contact affiliations@ug.edu.gh.